eSignature Course Updated in BuckeyeLearn

On Friday, February 15, eSignature training within BuckeyeLearn will be replaced with an updated eSignature training course.

The updated course will include separate overview, sender and author modules. The overview course will provide information regarding permitted use and policies while the sender and author courses will include instructions on how to use each. If you are currently "in progress" for the Sender or Author course, you either need to complete the current training by this date or you will need to restart when the new version is released.

eSignature is a university service that uses DocuSign, a digital signature application that allows users to securely sign, initial, and enter other information on an electronic document rather than a physical copy. 

Benefits of using eSignature:

  • Faster signatures: Routine approval processes can take weeks because physical documents must be walked or mailed for physical signatures. With eSignature, documents are automatically routed through the approval process as they are signed, eliminating timely travel.
  • More visibility in the approval process: eSignature tracks each document’s location within approval processes in real time and who still needs to sign, with updates sent periodically to remind signers they have a document waiting for their approval. No more physical forms getting lost amid the clutter.
  • Easier storage: eSignature utilizes electronic documents, eliminating the need to scan and store physical documents.


If you have already completed this course, you can disregard this message and do not need to retake training.

For more information on eSignature, visit the eSignature website. If you have questions regarding the course content, contact
If you have issues accessing the course, please contact the IT Service Desk by phone (614) 688-HELP (4357), by email at or by logging in online at