DocuSign to Offer a Better Ohio State eSignature Experience

OCIO has been offering the eSignature service for a while as a means of providing electronic signatures in support of a digital campus and a paperless office.

As of Monday, May 14, DocuSign, the Ohio State eSignature engine, will be updated with design changes that improve visual accessibility while also increasing readability of links.

Changes also include tightened branding through use of approved logos and colors. See the screen shot below to preview the new look.

As a reminder, Ohio State DocuSign signature requests will come via email and will include the university’s logo and official colors. In addition to hovering over any email links and verifying they are Ohio State links prior to clicking, remember that legitimate DocuSign emails will only come from the email address.

Questions about DocuSign or eSignature? Contact the IT Service Desk through Self Service or 614-688-4357.

Screenshot of DocuSign visual changes