Asset Management Processing Enhancements Reminder

The deadline regarding the September changes made to the Asset Management forms is approaching soon.

Effective January 1, 2018, all form submissions will be required via the DocuSign format only. Any PDF, paper, scanned attachments or previous versions of forms received after January 1 will be returned.

  • The Asset Management forms were condensed into two primary forms for adding or modifying an asset. See the summarized changes listed below for more detailed information.
  • The forms will only be offered in the DocuSign format, effective January 1, 2018. PDF formats will no longer be available.
  • DocuSign forms and instructions are currently available at the Asset Management website.
  • Training for DocuSign Submissions is required for the Sender, see BuckeyeLearn and search for "eSignature Sender" training.
    • Be sure to accept the Sender role on
    • The "eSignature Sender" role is only required for those creating and initiating the forms.
  • DocuSign demonstrations are available via CarmenConnect. Equipment Coordinators or other asset administrators can contact Asset Management to schedule.

AM – Add Asset to Inventory Form

  • Formerly known as the Additional Item Form (AM0002)
  • Adds a capitalized asset to your unit’s Physical Inventory
  • Should be used for assets procured outside traditional tracking methods (e.g. PCard)

AM – UNIV Asset Maintenance Form

  • Modifies the status of an asset--updates condition or location, internal transfers, external transfers/sales, or retirement
  • Combines the previous forms:
    • Application for Asset Retirement Form (AM0001)
    • Equipment Ownership Transfer Form (AM0003)
    • Permanent Transfer/Sale of OSU Property Form (AM0005)
  • OSP version available

Send any questions about these change to or call 614-292-6048 for assistance.