New Catalog Format for eStores Catering Equipment Rental Suppliers

The new Ohio State Catering Rental contract was recently awarded by OSU Purchasing. To simplify the ordering process through eStores, Purchasing and the eStores team have revised the catalog format for each of the awarded suppliers to a single line with the description as follows:

Event equipment rental including chairs, tables, specialty linens, tents, delivery, set-up, tear down and any other charges related to the specified event in compliance with the OSU contract.

This format is similar to the Full Service Catering line item currently in all of the full service catering suppliers’ eStores catalogs.

The awarded suppliers to the OSU #18-EVENTRENTALS contract include:

  • AAble Rents
  • All Occasions Party Rental
  • BBJ Linen
  • Connie Duglin Linen
  • Event Source
  • T-rriffic Table Lines (High Society)
  • Lasting Impressions
  • O Neil Tents
  • Posh Event Services

Ordering procedure through the new catalogs:

End users must request a quotation from suppliers with an itemized list of equipment and tents and linens if applicable, as well as any set-up or tear down services that may apply. Quotes should include location, date and time of the event as well as contact information for both the supplier and the OSU department. 

To build an order through the new catalogs, the user should enter the grand total dollar amount of the quotation in the quantity field. As the eRequest is saved and approved, it will produce a purchase order for one Job of “Event equipment rental…” at the grand total dollar amount as shown in the screen shot examples below.

Best Practice Tip: It is recommended that users attach a copy of the supplier’s quote to the eRequest for review by the departmental approver.