Faculty Access to Grading System and Email for Spring Semester 2017

This item is of particular interest to Guest Account Administrators and Human Resource Professionals.

As we approach the end of Spring Semester, the issue of system access for faculty with termination effective dates prior to the grade submission deadline still exists.

Last year, OCIO technicians addressed this issue through a series of measures that automatically extended access to Faculty Center and Carmen. Steps for extending email access are outlined below.

Faculty Center and Carmen Extended Access

Faculty Center and Carmen access based on appointment has been extended by 21 days (3 full weeks) from the termination date in the HR system. This extension applies to all voluntary faculty terminations, independent of any particular semester.

Email Access

Action is needed to continue access to University Email for the same 21 days as Faculty Center and Carmen access. Those that have been identified as being terminated before the grade submission date will lose access to both systems if access is not extended by adding the “Guest” affiliation. In an effort to improve support, local sponsors for the guest process need to be identified. 

To facilitate adding the “Guest” affiliation, a list of those who will be losing access has been provided to Guest Account Administrators. The administrators will need to identify those individuals that need extended access past their termination date and the “Guest” affiliation will need to be added to their current lastname.# account before that date. To add the “Guest” affiliation, a primary and secondary sponsor will need to be identified. The suggested date for this population’s “Guest” affiliation to be expired is 21 days after their termination date.

Thank you for your continued collaboration in making sure our faculty have the appropriate access to email and university systems.

More information about Guest Administrators can be found here: https://ocio.osu.edu/kb02951

For questions or assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk through Self Serviceitservicedesk@osu.edu, or 614-688-4357.