Customer Feedback Improves Canvas Support

When we set out to improve our Carmen (Canvas) support resources for spring 2017, our first step was gathering feedback from the users. We asked instructors questions about awareness of our support service offerings, effectiveness of these services and what new services would be helpful.

“Traditional in-person courses as well as entirely online courses rely on Carmen (Canvas), so it was imperative that we offer the best support possible,” said Travis Ritter, Director of Learning Systems and Infrastructure. “As one of our top strategic initiatives, we knew it was important to provide the very best support to our customers so they can get the most out of the new features this tool has to offer.”

To be sure we were offering the appropriate resources through the correct channels, we fielded a survey to gather feedback directly from our customers. Based on the feedback received, OCIO and ODEE are working together to improve our support resources for the Canvas LMS in time for the start of spring semester:

  • In response to requests for more custom, in-person training, the Canvas team is offering more opportunities for departments to invite them to discuss, demonstrate and answer questions.
  • The Canvas Adoption page was simplified, making it easier to go directly to the Resource Center where all the support documents, videos and more are hosted.
  • The survey indicated that online help videos would be widely used, and in response the ODEE Resource Center now links to several Canvas videos directly from the vendor, Instructure. There are also plans to create more videos in-house that will feature Ohio State faculty members highlighting unique functionality.
  • ODEE will be increasing staffing for start of spring semester, including new student hires to handle requests submitted through the IT Service Desk.
  • Plans are already in place to improve IT Service Desk routing and messaging so when Canvas issues are received, the appropriate support team is assigned and can respond as soon as possible.

Thanks to feedback from instructors and staff, we are better able to meet the needs of our customers during this time of major change.

The Canvas team is always open to suggestions that can improve the support offered to customers. Contact the Canvas team at