Thinking Forward for HR, Student and Reporting Systems

Evaluating the marketplace for best systems to meet the demands of the future

Over the last year, we conducted evaluations of both the Financials and Learning Management systems for the university and Wexner Medical Center. These were exciting conversations because they allowed the community to engage in a dialogue about system needs, future goals and desired outcomes. In both cases, we engaged a cross-section of system users to provide feedback on what resources can best meet our needs in the future.

In collaboration with the leadership team of the Office of Human Resources, Vice President Dolan Evanovich from the Office of Enrollment Services and representatives from both areas, we are now beginning this evaluation of our Human Resources and Student Information Systems.

Why Now? Thats a great question. The answer comes in two parts

  1. Each time we look into the future and see the necessity of upgrading an existing system, it is our responsibility to review the other tools available in the marketplace to determine if the existing system continues to be the best fit for the universitys needs.
  2. With the move of Financials to Workday, we pre-negotiated extremely favorable pricing for the HR and Student modules. In order to be good stewards of university resources and determine if these systems are a good fit for the university, we must make this determination by December 2016 (Student) and December 2017 (HR).

Because reporting is so critical, we will also be evaluating the aging eReports system against other offerings now available to determine if there are better ways to deliver reporting that provides data and information to help our university community make decisions.

Following the evaluation process employed with both Financials and Carmen, we will actively engage system user representatives in order to ensure that we are looking at this decision from all angles.

As the evaluation process progresses, we will continue to update you on what weve learned.