Finance Project Update

Financials Colleagues,

Weve been hard at work since our last update and wanted to keep you informed about the progress we are making. As we move through this initial project phase, we continue to be excited about the benefits the new system will bring to the university and Wexner Medical Center. Recent work has included:

  • Change Management We convened our first meeting of the Organizational Change Management (OCM) Advisory Team. This group is working to ensure that we have a plan in place to prepare everyone for the new system. The team is participating in discovery sessions to document changes which they will share in future communications and readiness sessions.
  • Unit Advocates - A Unit Advocate Group, comprised of representatives from each unit on campus, has been identified. Unit Advocates will serve as liaisons between units and the project to ensure effective 2-way communication.
  • Business Processes System users, stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have been working closely with the project team to identify the areas where business processes will change. In this early phase, the group has been excited to find many opportunities to streamline and simplify including the potential to reduce area-to-area reconciliation by eliminating complicated background processes.
  • Reporting There is much future work around reporting, but initial analysis begins to illustrate theefficienciesof reporting from a single systemand you will still be able to export data to Excel. One of our favorite features, called work tags, will provide new flexibility to help meet your areas unique reporting needs.
  • System Evaluations - Over the last year, we conducted evaluations of both the universitys Financials and Learning Management systems. These were exciting conversations because they allowed the university community to engage in a dialogue about system needs, future goals, and desired outcomes. In both cases, we engaged a cross-section of system users to provide feedback on resources to best meet the universitys needs in the future. In collaboration with Senior Vice President of Talent, Culture and Human Resources Andraea (AJ) Douglass from the Office of Human Resources, Vice President DolanEvanovich from the Office of Enrollment Services and representatives from both areas, we are now beginning this evaluation of our Human Resources and Student Information systems.

This initial phase will draw to a close later in June. At that time, we will have more to share about the target go-live date in 2018, how the chart of accounts will look, business processes, new tools and functionality, and the plan to help you get ready.

If you have questions, you can always send them to us at We look forward to working with you and to our continued partnership in building a great financials system for the future of Ohio State.

Kris Devine, VP of Operations & Deputy CFO
Mike Hofherr, VP & Chief Information Officer
Mark Larmore, Wexner Medical Center CFO
John Hrusovsky, Project Director