Financials System Project Update

Posted on behalf of Kris Devine, Mike Hofherr, Mark Larmore, John Hrusovsky

This update will be of most interest to our financials system user community.

As we shared with you in March, we have selected a new financials system for the entire university that will enhance the tools available to users, including real time data and mobile access. Now we are in the first stage of mapping out how the transition to Workday will take place.

The entire university including the Wexner Medical Center, Ohio State University Physicians and the Office of Sponsored Programs will be making the transition, so we will be engaging with representatives of every operation.

We know that this change is probably raising lots of questions When are we going live? How will the new system work? What will stay the same? What will change?

These are all important questions and will be answered through our high-level planning phase we are calling Phase 0. This phase of the project is designed to develop the answers to these core questions before we move into the architect phase of the project in July.

Some of the key Phase 0 deliverables include:

Business Process Discovery

Developing a high-level understanding of the financial business processes, determining scope, uncovering gaps and identifying initial requirements to design Workday business processes and security groups.

Initial Financial Data Model

Performing initial discovery sessions for how the chart of accounts will look and work in Workday.

Change Management Strategy

Understanding how system processes will change and what information and training you will need to be successful in Workday.

Deployment Schedule

Planning when and how the system goes live.

eMaterials 9.2 Fit-Gap and Process Design

Preparing for the upgrade to PeopleSoft eMaterials 9.2 for the Wexner Medical Center supply chain business processes.

Data Warehouse Strategy

Defining historical data approach, reporting strategy and necessary tools.

Integration Strategy

Developing a plan for how the financials system will work with other systems.

Data Conversion Strategy

Determining the plan to move information from the old system to the new system.

We are on schedule to complete Phase 0 in June. Many areas have nominated subject matter experts for the Business Process Discovery and Financial Data Model sessions, as well as Unit Advocates to serve as the liaison between the Financial Project Team and your unit. We will also be engaging IT professionals from throughout the university to participate in our Technical Advisory Group.

We are committed to transparency and wide engagement on this project. In June, at the conclusion of Phase 0, we will share updates on what we have learned. Because of the scope and impact of changing financial processes, we want you to have access to information as we learn it and channels to ask questions. A website and feedback mechanism will be in place in the summer timeframe.

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. We look forward to working with you to implement a system that will benefit the university for years to come.

Kris Devine, VP of Operations & Deputy CFO
Mike Hofherr, VP & CIO
Mark Larmore, Wexner Medical Center CFO
John Hrusovsky, Project Director