Do I Need Financials System Training?

This article is a follow-up to an emailyou may have received from Ohio States Identity & Access Management area, advising that employees in your department require additional financial trainingbecause of a role they maintain as a Financials System user.

The Financial Training &Documentation (FTD) department received an influx of training registrations asa result of that message. However, upon closer examination of registrants, welearned that many of them do not actively perform tasks in the Financials System.

The employee may have received the role upon hire, but never used it.Instead of automatically advisingthe employee to take the training, it is recommended that you review theirFinancials System roles and determine if they need that access to perform theircurrent duties.

The OCIO provides information aboutwhat system training to take at:

If the employee does notneed the role, we encourage you to remove that security role by contactingaccess@osu.eduor by visiting the following securepage for additional information:

If you have any questions aboutthis message, please contact Financial Training & Documentation