Avoid Creating Duplicate Travel Requests

Multiple travel requests should not be created for a traveler when the destination and dates of the trip are the same. Issuing multiple travel requests for a traveler can increase the risk of duplicate payments for the same trip and misrepresent expense reporting data.

Consider the options:

1 - Changes Needed: Do not create a new request if changes to an existing request are necessary. The travel arranger can make changes to an established travel request when it is in "New" or "Approved" status. Exceptions may apply and some changes may require re-approval. Refer to ASSIST for more details.

2 - Split Chartfield: Do not create separate travel requests if multiple departments are funding the same trip. A travel arranger can create a travel request that accommodates multiple Chartfield rows. Approval for each Chartfield row will be managed through the eTravel system workflow. Refer to ASSIST for more details.

In the event an additional travel request is created in error, be sure to click the cancel button of the unnecessary duplicate (shown in the footer of the travel request) to remove any payment eligibility and properly assign its status in expense reporting data.

Any questions regarding duplicate travel requests can be directed to the Travel Office at 614-292-9290 or travel@osu.edu. Additional assistance can be found at eTravel ASSIST.