May 2014 PCard Reallocation Deadline

To: PCard Reallocators and Approvers:

This is a reminder that the reallocation deadline for May 2014 is Thursday, May 29.

Reallocator Action Required:

Please login to the Financials system on Thursday, May 29 and ensure that all of your May transactions have been reallocated.

The normal billing cycle is the 25th of any given month through the 24th of the following month (e.g. 6/25 to 7/24). The last transactions that post to the bank on the 24th are provided to the University on the 25th, and loaded into the system during the day on the 26th to ensure that transactions are posted to the current General Ledger accounting period.

The monthly reallocation deadline is the second-to-last business day of each month. Due to weekends and holidays the deadline will vary by weekday and date each month. The monthly process begins again with transactions loading into the system on the first business day of the next month.

Review the reallocation calendar online at:

Approver Action Required:

On Thursday, May 29 all transactions will be available in the Financials system. Transactions remain on the approval page until action is taken. Please see the PCard Policy for the deadline.

Whom to contact with questions:

PCard Office 2-9290 or