OTDI marketing is responsible for generating demand for Ohio State Online programs and promoting Ohio State Online as a sub-brand of the university. 

The OTDI marketing team's goal is to collect prospective student leads using a variety of tactics and drive those leads directly to the college for lead nurturing toward application. An OTDI marketing representative works with leaders from your program and college to design a marketing plan best suited to drive leads to your specific program. It is crucial for each college to participate in these marketing activities to help reach your program's enrollment goals.

Ohio State Online marketing leads are generated through the following inquiry sources: digital advertising, content marketing, organic search, direct inquiries, college-level promotion and graduate and professional activities. Leads are captured through lead generation forms on and advertising platforms, the inbox and through other program and college level lead capture methods. All leads are ultimately routed to the college-level program coordinator which leads to applications.

OTDI marketing services include: 

  1. A presence on that includes web development and copywriting (all programs)  
  2. Inclusion in digital and non-digital brand marketing campaigns (all programs) 
  3. Program-specific marketing:
    1. Tactics that may be employed include digital advertising, traditional advertising, written and visual storytelling, student journey mapping, and landing page development
    2.  Market research insights can be provided to inform program demand, identify competitors, determine alumni outcomes, and more


To contact the distance education marketing team, email