Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of Ohio State's distance education programs are value, quality and rigor. These distinguish us in the competitive field of distance education.


Focusing on the differentiating factors of our degrees when communicating to potential students will clearly mark the value of an Ohio State online degree. These differentiating factors have earned Ohio State Online consistently high U.S. News and World Report’s Best Online Programs rankings year after year.

Our focus is on programs that are available 100% at a distance. This enables us to serve a larger set of potential students who may not be able to come to campus due to work or life commitments. The courses are developed in collaboration between Ohio State’s nationally recognized faculty and our instructional design experts.



It is essential that we uphold the integrity and quality of an Ohio State degree. Students are held to the same high admissions standards, and the caliber of student admitted to our distance programs is equal to that of our on-campus programs.



Consistent, rigorous course experiences both on-campus and at a distance are what produce students who are prepared for their future careers. Unlike many competitors that house distance faculty in a distance college and hire many of their instructors on a temporary or term-by-term basis, Ohio State Online students are taught by the same faculty from the same colleges as their on-campus peers and are held to the same rigorous course standards.