Distance Education

Instructional Designer working with a faculty member using a tablet

We work alongside colleges to develop distance education programs. We'll be with you through the program development and approval process and beyond.

Whether you're develoing an online program or are just starting to consider it, we'll be with you through the program development and approval process and beyond. Partnering with OTDI will provide you with the tools you need to create online programs with the value, quality and rigor expected of Ohio State offerings, including sound course design, academic integrity and accessibility compliance.

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Our services are funded through the university's distance education budget modelwhich means the support and services listed below are funded by enrollments in online programs.

Administrative Support

Start here! Consultations with our experienced staff can help you decide what programs are good candidates for distance education programs. We can provide market and competitor insights to help determine program viability and anticipated enrollment. We'll guide you through the program approval process and coordinate with stakeholders across campus to ensure online programming is integrated into university planning. We're constantly working with you, listening to your feedback and representing program interests to university leadership and student support units.


Course Design

Our instructional designers work closely with your faculty to develop the online courses that are part of your program, providing them with tools, templates and resources to develop and support their courses while infusing best practices in academic integrity. Our video and multimedia team helps develop professional course introduction videos and other assets.

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State Authorization

Our state authorization team is dedicated to researching distance education and professional licensure regulations, seeking and maintaining compliance, and communicating changes in authorization status.

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Our marketing team conducts market research and works with you and your college's marketing team to promote your program under the Ohio State Online sub-brand using tactics like paid advertising and content marketing.

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Take the first step toward developing your online program. Contact us to schedule a consultation.