Data Visualization

Through the courses in this learning path, you will learn how to incorporate storytelling within a data set and the most successful and efficient ways to do so. 

Prerequisite: Your manager’s approval


Course 1: Data Visualization: Storytelling

LinkedIn Learning – 1h 37m

This course guides you through the process of turning "facts and figures" into "story" to engage and fulfill our human expectation for information. This course is intended for anyone who works with data and has to communicate it to others, whether a researcher, a data analyst, a consultant, a marketer, or a journalist.


Course 2: Learning Data Visualization

LinkedIn Learning – 3h 50m

This course shows how to understand your data and your audience, craft the story you need to tell, and determine the best visual model and details to use for that story.


Course 3: Data Visualization Tips & Tricks

LinkedIn Learning – 2h 14m

Topics of this course include understanding the relationships between data sets, making comparisons, charting relationships, visualizing data distributions, creating maps, and—most valuably—knowing when to use which types of graphs and charts.


Course 4: Research Commons Data Visualization Tools Series (pick one)

To satisify this final part, you must attend one in-person workshop offered by the Research Commons.

a. General Visualization

  1. Intro to Tableau for Data Visualization
  2. Intro to Excel for Data Visualization
  3. Open and Affordable tools for analyzing and visualizing data

b. GIS (mapping)

  1. Web mapping basics with ArcGIS online
  2. ArcGIS Pro for Beginners


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