Data Analytics for Beginners

This learning path will cover interpreting and summarizing multiple sources of data and elaborate further on the fundamentals of data science, telling stories with data, and the core components of data mining.

Prerequisite: Your manager’s approval


Course 1: Learning Data Analytics

LinkedIn Learning – 1h 18m

This course teaches analysts and non-analysts alike the basics of data analytics and reporting. It also shows how to perform specialized tasks such as creating workflow diagrams, cleaning data, and joining data sets for reporting. Coverage continues with best practices for data analytics projects, such as verifying data and conducting effective meetings, and common mistakes to avoid.


Course 2: Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals

LinkedIn Learning – 3h 6m

Get a comprehensive overview of modern data science: the practice of obtaining, exploring, modeling, and interpreting data. This course shows how to obtain data from legitimate open-source repositories via web APIs and page scraping, and introduces specific technologies (R, Python, and SQL) and techniques (support vector machines and random forests) for analysis. By the end of the course, you should better understand data science's role in making meaningful insights from the complex and large sets of data all around us.


Course 3: Learning Data Science: Tell Stories with Data

LinkedIn Learning – 1h 17m

This course explains how to weave together a great data science story and draw your audience into the story to communicate complex ideas and motivate everyone to make real changes.


Course 4: Data Science Foundations: Data Mining

LinkedIn Learning – 4h 40m

This course is designed to provide a solid point of entry to all the tools, techniques, and tactical thinking behind data mining. It covers data sources and types, the languages and software used in data mining (including R and Python), and specific task-based lessons that help you practice the most common data-mining techniques: text mining, data clustering, association analysis, and more.


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