Training Requirements

Digital Accessibility Coordinators are responsible for communicating training requirements to faculty and staff in their units and taking coordinator-specific trainings provided by DAS.

Annual Training for Faculty and Staff

All Ohio State faculty, staff and student employees are required to take annual Digital Accessibility Policy training if they acquire, develop or deliver digital information or digital services. Faculty and staff who are required to take this training will be notified and the Digital Accessibility Policy training will be assigned to their transcript in BuckeyeLearn. All identified faculty and staff must complete this training by December 31, 2020.

Training for Digital Accessibility Coordinators

In addition to annual Digital Accessibility Policy training, Digital Accessibility Coordinators must complete trainings provided by DAS to help them implement the policy within their college or VP unit.

Proposed Process and Tools


Optional Training Resources for Faculty and Staff

DAS is compiling a list of high-quality, free, and public training resources which can be viewed on the Recommended Training Resources page. These resources cover a wide range of topics and Digital Accessibility Coordinators are encouraged to share this page with faculty and staff as needed. Check back often, as DAS will continue to add to the list!

Reporting Requirements

Digital Accessibility Coordinators will be required to submit training-related information in their Annual Digital Accessibility Report and Plan:

  • A list of which faculty, staff and student employees received training and which training(s) they completed.
  • The number of staff required to take the training and how many of these staff members completed training during this reporting period.
  • Training proposed for faculty, staff and student employees for the upcoming year.