Legacy Assessments and Corrective Action Strategies

Digital Accessibility Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that website audits are completed and Corrective Action Strategies are submitted and implemented.

Each unit will evaluate its digital information and services (including websites) that were in place prior to implementing the Implement/Upgrade process. Based on these findings, units will create a Corrective Action Strategy and timeline to remediate any issues identified. We will share more information about the priority and process for the audits at Digital Accessibility Coordinator training.

April 2020 Update: The first phase of our Legacy Assessment will focus on Ohio State's public websites. In coordination with DAS, the Digital Accessibility Center, and Digital Accessibility Coordinators, units will:

  1. Claim their websites on the Accessibility Website Inventory template, add websites that may not be on the Inventory yet, remove archived websites, and submit their completed Inventory to das@osu.edu;
  2. Scan websites with an accessibility evaluation tool; and
  3. Identify Corrective Action Strategies for accessibility issues found through the scan and begin remediating them.

November 2019 Update: To help units prepare for the audit in the spring of 2020, Digital Accessibility Coordinators should begin finding out more about their unit's existing inventory of digital information and services.

  1. Speak to your unit's IT Lead to find out more about your inventory.
    1. Inventory Request Email Template
  2. Request accessibility-related fields be added to the inventory.
  3. Discuss the process in your unit for updating the inventory when new products are evaluated and purchased.
  4. Update your inventory as you evaluate new products.


Reporting Requirements

We are finalizing reporting requirements for Legacy Assessments and Corrective Action Strategies. We will share more information about reporting requirements at Digital Accessibility Coordinator training.