Employee FAQ

Q. Will I get a reminder that my timesheet is due?
A. No automatic notification is generated by etimesheet. Departments will share a timesheet deadline calendar with staff, and employees can view the status of their timesheets on the Timesheet site.

Q. What if my supervisor is absent when my timesheet is due?
A. Supervisors have backup approvers who can approve in their absence. You can identify the backup approver on the submitted timesheet or leave request; approvers and backup approvers display under the “Workflow” section.

Q. What if I’m absent and can’t submit my timesheet?
A. The timesheet is web based and can be submitted from anywhere. If you do not have internet access, your department will designate someone who can submit a timesheet on your behalf.

Q. What if someone submits an incorrect timesheet on my behalf?
A. You can correct the timesheet and resubmit it.

Q. If the deadline is approaching and I’m still waiting for a leave to be approved, what do I do?
A. Submit your timesheet with the hours worked for the period. Once the leave is approved, it will automatically load to the timesheet. As long as the leave doesn’t cause the total hours on the timesheet to exceed 40, you won’t need to resubmit the timesheet.

Q. Can you edit comments in a saved timesheet (that has not been submitted for approval)? Are there any times you can edit comments?
A. Comments can’t be changed after the leave request or timesheet is saved, regardless of whether the timesheet or leave has been routed for approval.

Q. Is there an overnight delay when submitting a timesheet or leave request for approval?
A. No; supervisors can view submitted timesheets or leave requests immediately after they’re submitted. Once they’re approved (or denied), the employee has immediate access to the timesheet or leave request.

Q. What email notifications will we receive?
A. Employees receive email notifications in these instances:
• When a timesheet or leave request is submitted by the employee or by another person on the employee’s behalf
• when a supervisor approves or denies a timesheet or leave request
• when a timesheet or leave request needs to be resubmitted

Supervisors receive an email notification when a timesheet or leave request has been submitted.

Q. If I have zero hours worked, and no leave taken for the pay period, should I submit a timesheet?
A. If you are eligible for unpaid leave and requested it, you should submit your timesheet when the leave has been approved. If you aren’t eligible for unpaid leave (e.g. students), you don’t need to submit a timesheet if no hours were worked.